Infertility in couples is not new. It has been around for ages. But despite advancements in medical technology, there is still no clear and straightforward approach to beating this frustrating condition suffered by many. There have been many attempts to come up with a way to reverse infertility but each one proved to be very experimental with unpredictable results. One such approach is documented in the book Pregnancy Miracle.

What the Pregnancy Miracle book is all about?

The Chinese population is the biggest in the planet. Therefore it’s logical to think that they may hold the keys to fighting infertility which is what the book is all about. Overall, it details a five step plan to overcoming fertility issues, using what the author says are ancient Chinese methods.

This is a book about a new way of looking at infertility. It shows the condition in a new light, far from the confines of how traditional medicine often sees it. It tells couples that the inability to conceive has more to do with the human body’s readiness to produce an offspring. It shows readers what to eat and things to avoid consuming. It teaches some form of exercises to enhance fertility. The book is praised by many for offering a safe and healthy approach in dealing with infertility. Visit Pregnancy Miracle Here 

Is Pregnancy Miracle a scam?

Frustration often leads many couples to say negative things about a particular method of getting pregnant especially if it doesn’t give the desired result. This book is not exempted from being called a scam by those who’ve read it and did not get what they thought it promised them.

But having read the entire book, I can see no evidence of false claims nor were there any promises made for each step outlined. On the contrary, each method is meticulously explained in detail based on the research made by the author of the book. In fact, the approach she used relied heavily on evidence rather than her own opinion which contrasts what many writers of this type of book tend to do. Therefore I can easily say this is no scam at all.

Is Pregnancy Miracle worth buying?


While the book is aimed for couples dealing with fertility issues, the way it’s written and presented should delight even those who don’t need help getting pregnant. It’s highly informative and there are tips that can be applied for daily use. The book may or may not succeed in giving couples what they desire but it does achieve its goal of sharing information gathered diligently to its target audience effectively. It won’t waste your time with extended “what I think” narratives but instead you’ll get every bit of what you will pay for it.

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Today’s world is so complex and fast paced that starting a family often takes a backseat to work and earning money in the list of priorities of couples. Financial stability often becomes the excuse for postponing attempts to get pregnant until it almost becomes too late. It’s no wonder why working women often ask, “Why can’t I get pregnant?”

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I can’t get pregnant – reasons why women delay becoming mothers

Society has changed so much in the last century that women are no longer considered inferior to men especially in the workplace. This empowerment has given them a new mindset about motherhood and raising a family. Unlike in the old days when becoming pregnant and rearing children was considered the pinnacle of womanhood, today it’s more about having the choice whether to procreate or not. The question hardly comes to mind especially for young females.

Young women today are encouraged to explore their potential before getting pregnant or settling down to take care of a family. You can read it in magazines, online, and Hollywood even makes movies about it constantly. It’s no wonder why women use contraceptives like pills to prevent getting pregnant.

Can’t get pregnant - reasons why couples falter at conceiving

However, there are women who want to get pregnant but are having trouble conceiving and so they ask doctors why can’t they get pregnant? There are several factors that contribute to difficulty getting pregnant and they are not limited to women alone. And these are the following:

  • Infertility either or both in the man or woman. There are no clear signs or symptoms that can definitely tell couples this so the best option is to have each one tested. By doing this, not only are they going to find out why they can’t conceive but they can get expert help as well.
  • When one can’t conceive, one should analyze lifestyle habits. Women who are fond of taking medications to improve their looks should be wary of substances that reduce fertility. Vices like smoking and drinking too much also contribute to infertility in men as well as women.
  • Individual health history also factors in for every couple. Previous illnesses and treatments may have caused temporary infertility in either party which is why it’s very important to seek medical advice.

Why am I not getting pregnant – what to do to conceive

Aside from seeking expert medical help, women can also try alternative methods to get pregnant. Read the pregnancy miracle book and find out natural methods of becoming fertile and eventually conceiving. It’s a collection of information about ancient techniques and programs that’s been proven to be effective in getting women pregnant for many years. Try it and find out why can’t I get pregnant.

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How to get pregnant and conceive a girl

Married couples tend to play favorites and some of them have their own preference for their very first baby. If you prefer a girl over a boy as your first baby, then you’re in luck because there are a few ways that will help you on how to conceive a girl naturally. Conceiving a girl is easier if you do a little bit of research, rather than relying on luck like most married couples do.

Most women often ask their moms for advice, on how to have a baby girl. They often get good advice from them and more often than not, they tend to follow their words to the “dot”. Here are some of the most effective ways, that mothers tell their daughters on how to have a girl.

How to Get Pregnant with a Girl

  • Eat a lot of Sweets
  • Understanding the Difference between Female Sperm (X) and Male Sperm (Y)
  • Use of Ovulation Kits and Basal Thermometer
  • Sexual Positions
  • Doctors Opinion

This might be no more than an urban legend, but since girls are referred to as “sweet things” eating sweets might significantly affect your chances in trying to be pregnant with a girl.

Most of you are not aware that there is a “BIG” difference, between the male sperm and the female sperm that affects the gender of your baby. The male sperm is smaller and faster compared to the larger, but more long lived female sperm. Understanding the difference between them might help you in finding the best way on how to have a baby girl.

The use of Ovulation Kits and Basal Thermometers is the best way to time the day of your ovulation period. Timing your lovemaking to the days on which you’re PH levels are high will increase your chances. The acidity level of your vaginal tract can affect the race between the male and female sperms. The higher the acidity level, the better the chances of the female sperm in reaching the egg first and is one of the most effective method in conceiving a girl.

Believe it or not, your position during your sexual intercourse plays a vital role in the gender of your children. The distance travelled by the sperm to reach the egg is one of the deciding factors on who will win the “egg race”. Even if the male sperm is faster than the female sperm, it doesn’t last long. The long journey to reach the egg is more suitable for the female sperm. If you are only doing shallow penetration, then your chances on having a girl will also increase.

A Doctors professional opinion can also help you make the right steps, on conceiving a girl naturally. They will explain to you in detail the different possibilities that affect the gender of your child. They will also give you sound good advice in getting the baby girl you always wanted.

If you are still looking for different ways on conceiving a girl naturally, then you can try the “Pregnancy Miracle” holistic system and find the answers for all of your questions regarding pregnancy.

Babies are considered to be a blessing to married people and every couple wants to have a baby of their own. There are times when you can’t get enough of a good thing and some couples are even finding ways, on how to get pregnant with twins. Some people may find conceiving a baby to be an easy task, but to have twins relies more on luck and genetics.

There is no “sure fire” way in having twins, but there are methods that you can try to increase your chances of success. If you are out of ideas on what to do then you can try the pregnancy miracle review. It has vital information on how to cure infertility and tips on having twins naturally.

Tips on how to conceive twins

  • Find a partner that has a history of having twins in the family
  • Conceiving a baby when you are in your early thirties
  • Consult your doctor
  • Gain some Weight
  • Fertility work-up
  • In-vitro fertilization

You will have a higher chance of success if there are double pregnancies in the family. Genetics has played a major role in the development of twins and it sometimes skip in a generation or two. If your parents didn’t manage to get any twins in your family, then that gives you have a higher chance to have twins. Experts agree that getting married to a family that has a history of getting twins is still the best way, to have twins naturally.

Some people believe that women who are in their thirties are more prone to have twins naturally. Although there is no definite proof for this claim, some women managed to have twins, when they tried to make a baby at the age of 30 and above. It is more likely due to the change in a women’s ovulation period, which affects their chances of having twins.

If you tried everything and still didn’t have any success, then it is best to look for another way naturally. Consulting your doctor for possible ways. The field of medicine has greatly improved over the years and a professional’s opinion might make a difference.

Twins tend to get more nourishment from pregnant women and it is said that gaining more weight can also increase your chances of getting them. Consuming high amount of dairy products like milk, eggs, butter and yogurt can also help.

Having twins also means greater responsibilities. Couples should plan ahead and finalize things first, before deciding on having twins in the family. There are many ways and with prayers and a little bit of luck, you might be able to get the twins that you had always wanted.

Over the counter fertility drugs for women

We live in a modern world where everything needs to be available in the shortest time possible. We need to get to work fast. We need to communicate with family and friends quickly. We need medication to cure ails instantly. This obsession with instantaneous results even reaches out to women who have problems getting pregnant and so they rely on fertility drugs to give them a quick and easy solution.

Are over the counter fertility drugs effective?

Fertility is a big concern for many women all over the world. While a big percentage of females still want to enter motherhood during the prime age to get pregnant, a significant increase in delayed pregnancies has been recorded in recent years. One major reason for this is the changing role of women in the society. Whereas in the past they were relegated to house chores, today their contributions are valued in almost if not all fields of industry.

As a result of this trend, there’s also an increase in usage of  this type of drugs to help these women achieve pregnancy. But the question many of them ask is does it really work? There have been many claims of successful pregnancies with the aid of these drugs for women like Clomid or Clomiphene Citrate which stimulate egg ovulation through production of LH and FSH hormones. Gonadotropin works in the same manner and is used as alternative to Clomid.

The effectiveness of these or any type of medication for that matter lies on what condition it treats and how it’s being used. For female infertility, it’s important to determine the real cause. If there is a lack of hormone like progesterone, an appropriate supplement or medication that helps increase its production should be used. On the other hand, physical defects in any reproductive organ cannot be cured by these types of fertility meds.

Are over the counter fertility drugs for women safe?

Traditionally, drugs and all kinds of medicinal concoctions should be used with the guidance of expert professionals like doctors and pharmacists. But since there are medical conditions that are easy to treat like ordinary cough and fever, it has been a practice to let people buy medications “over the counter” or without prescription from physicians. In this light, over the counter fertility treatment for women are generally considered safe. However, since the issue of pregnancy is such a delicate one especially for female health it is advised to carefully choose the kind of drugs to take to promote fertility.

Fertility meds are hot items especially for couples who are having a hard time getting pregnant. While there is no guarantee or assurance of positive results, using them has not been ruled out by experts which mean to some extent they are effective. The important thing to remember is to use them properly and with aid from doctors who know best when it comes to health.

When can you get pregnant

Ever wondering on how and when can you get pregnant? Always remember that planning to get pregnant takes a lot of evaluation of oneself, considering the psychological factor and even the status of living as it takes a lifetime responsibility to have a child. First, getting ready in whatever piece is a must! Do not rely on a doctor when after all you are living a healthy lifestyle, thus discipline is the first to-do in planning for pregnancy.  To achieve such, avoid cigarette smoking, alcohol intake and many other unnecessary vices which could compromise your health, especially the stability of your body system.

Considering your health, your partner must also consider and observe the health of body, as they say “it takes two to tango”, vices like alcohol also compromise the health of the sperm and its amount. Always bear in mind that the cleanliness of the body decides and tells you the right time for you get pregnant. It may sound acting like a child between two couple but it is one way to bear a healthy and beautiful child.

In addition, do not take drugs with chemicals that are harsh to the body, instead use the natural way of fertility method to boost the cells that are working hard inside your system. It’s a simple sense that whatever we eat healthy, expect that you are ready enough for pregnancy and when the time comes to get pregnant, always maintain healthy living and exercise methods like yoga; it regulates and eases the body to avoid stress that contributes to the healthy carrying of the baby.

When you are most likely to get pregnant by practicing right positions while having intercourse, do not wonder, since one factor that contributes to the success of the pregnancy is the sex positions; avoid positions that can leak out the sperm inside the vagina. Do not stay upright or use the missionary position, it can make the sperm gets out, instead relax, lie down and make the sperm stay inside the vagina. Considering sexual positions play a significant role on planning for pregnancy. Isn’t it amazing that position affects your chances of getting pregnant?

To assume that you and your partner are stable in terms of money, body health, plus information about fertility, you’re almost ready for a pregnancy’s first step. Be in the know, physicians always know what is best for you before anything else. The physician might give you precautionary procedures, additional steps and must-do-things so you'll get pregnant.It might take another series of time-consuming of waiting. But if there’s a will there’s way, the time you spent for miracle finding could be worth waiting for. The entire obstacle can be rewarded with a healthy baby.

Getting pregnancy after 40

The role of women in the society has changed drastically over the last couple of decades. From being considered an inferior gender, they are now present in every facet of the modern civilization. Hence, their priorities have also changed. Motherhood is no longer a priority for many women and pregnancy after 40 has become an increasing trend these days.

Pregnancy over 40 – is it okay?

Despite advances in medical technology, the human body still remains a mystery which is why doctors and experts never rule out the possibility of women getting pregnant at the age of 40 or beyond. It happens and it’s perfectly normal. However, this late pregnancy is not like conceiving at an earlier age. There are risks involved and precautions must be followed for the safety of both the mother and child.

Pregnant at 40 and beyond – the risks

Women at 40 should know the risks involved in being pregnant at this age. Age can affect the body no matter how hard one tries to stay healthy and fit. It’s for this reason doctors closely monitor females at this age. Here are the possible risks:

  • Due to a slower metabolism that comes with aging, older pregnant women are more prone to high blood sugar or what is called gestational diabetes.
  • They are at higher risk for hypertension or high blood pressure which can be dangerous for them especially while giving birth. It’s important for women to work closely with physicians and nutrition experts to avoid complications.
  • Miscarriage and premature birth are primary concerns for these women. Unlike younger females, women of this age should avoid working during pregnancy and be monitored closely by doctors.

Getting pregnant at 40 – ways to do it safely

Getting pregnant and becoming a mother is essentially every woman’s dream. However, due to individual aspirations, some of them postpone settling down and starting a family until they are fully ready to take on the responsibilities of motherhood. When this happens, is there a way to get pregnant at this age safely? Here are tips how to go through it:

  • For matured women who want to get pregnant, the most important thing to do is to consult a doctor to find out the risks involved and how best to handle it.
  • There are natural methods outlined in the book Pregnancy Miracle which can help couples having a hard time to conceive. It’s based on ancient techniques that give women and their partners an in-depth understanding of human reproduction.
  • Staying healthy and fit is a big factor for women who successfully had pregnancy after 40. Age has a big effect on women’s reproductive health but it can be minimized by living a healthy life.

I want to get pregnant and have a baby

No matter what your priorities in life are, as a woman, you know that a time will come when you and your partner will say “I want to get pregnant and have a baby!” and you are willing to do whatever it takes to enter motherhood.  However, conceiving a child is not as easy as most people would like to think. While most women will get pregnant easily, others have to work for it. If you’re one of them you should know everything about pregnancy.

I want to have a baby – why some women have trouble getting pregnant

When women say "I want to have children", they usually experience difficulty in conceiving which is not uncommon. There are many reasons why getting pregnant is elusive for some women and there’s really no need to fret about it. Understanding how the reproductive process works is the key to a successful pregnancy.

I want a child– is not a magic phrase that when uttered instantly gives women the child they crave. Some women find themselves unable to conceive despite trying for a number of reasons. These are the following:

  • Infertility either or both in men or women. When this occurs, pregnancy is quite impossible to achieve. Reproduction requires two things – a fertile sperm and a fertile egg. When either one is removed from the equation, the results will always be zero. Infertility has several causes and for the most part treatable.
  • Mental and emotional preparedness. A lot of women are afraid to get pregnant because they feel they are unready to take on the responsibilities of becoming a mother. Hence, they take contraceptives to avoid getting pregnant.
  • Health issues. There are diseases that adversely affect the reproductive system of both male and female. It’s important to know the history of one’s partner so medical help can be appropriately sought to remedy the problem.
  • Bad lifestyle habits. Smoking, drinking too much alcohol, and staying up late everyday can effectively deteriorate any woman or man’s capacity to procreate. When couples visit the doctor for consultation, this is what physicians commonly ask about first.

Want to get pregnant – alternative means to conceive

Seeking medical help is often enough to help couples address the problem of getting pregnant. However, there are some cases that even doctors can’t do anything and any medical solution proves futile. It’s why many couples look for alternative means to conceive.

Getting pregnant is a problem thoroughly analyzed in the book Pregnancy Miracle. It’s based on ancient methodology of getting pregnant naturally which has been proven to be effective for centuries. Many couples who’ve read the title can attest to fully understanding the concept of pregnancy and how to do it safely and effectively.

Having trouble and problems getting pregnant

At some point in a person’s life, the thought of becoming a parent eventually enters the mind and it should as far as every responsible adult is concerned. But unfortunately, achieving pregnancy is not as easy as most people think as there are people who are having trouble getting pregnant all the time. This can be attributed to many things and the best way to deal with it is to know everything about pregnancy and how to fulfill the dream of parenthood.

Reasons behind problems getting pregnant

Couples who are having difficulties getting pregnant often think of worst case scenarios which shouldn’t be the case. Yes, difficulty in achieving pregnancy is a major cause of concern but it shouldn’t be a reason to panic or be stressed out.

There are several reasons why women don’t easily conceive. First, there’s the timing of the reproductive process. There’s a window of time when fertilization can happen and any attempts later or earlier will only be fruitless. Second, there’s the issue of either one or both couple being infertile. Primarily, this is the reason why many women are having a hard time getting pregnant.

Infertility stems from different causes and most of them are treatable if diagnosed properly. It can affect either the man or woman so it’s important to have both individuals tested. For women here the common causes of infertility:

  • Ovulation. Females undergo this process regularly until they hit menopause. Getting pregnant at a younger age is easier because women at this stage ovulate effectively. As they mature, ovulation slows down so it's hard to get pregnant at this time.
  • Damage to reproductive organs caused by diseases or abnormalities like tumors or cysts. It’s why it’s extremely important for women to be aware of their health condition inside and out of their bodies.
  • Unexplained infertility. As modern as medical science is today, there’s a small percentage of couples trying to get pregnant that don’t get the answer as to why one or both of them are infertile. When this happens, doctors advice not to lose hope and continue trying because there’s always a chance of conceiving no matter how remote.

Men can also suffer infertility caused by either of the following:

  • Low sperm count
  • Dead or unmoving sperm cells
  • Diseases to reproductive organs

Trouble getting pregnant – what to do

If you’re having a hard time getting pregnant, you should seek medical advice and if it doesn’t work out you can always try alternative means like the proven effective Pregnancy Miracle guide book. It’s a compilation of methods, diet secrets, and ancient studies done to make women pregnant easily and naturally. A lot of people have tried it and now they’re happy and proud parents.

Getting pregnant and having a baby is every couple’s dream. However, the experience varies for everyone. There are those who easily conceive and there are others that have to be patient and persistent just to become pregnant. For people having difficulty entering parenthood, it’s best they learn how to prepare for it and have a pregnancy planner ready.

Planning pregnancy – factors that affect the ability of couples to procreate

There are many reasons why couples don’t conceive right away. First, there’s the issue of readiness to become parents. While having children is a wonderful experience, it’s a challenging responsibility. It requires emotional, mental, and financial stability to raise a family. When couples feel they’re unable to provide these things, any planner is useless.

On the other hand, there are more serious concerns that cause delays in pregnancy. And usually these are what affect couples who can’t conceive right away. Here’s a breakdown:

  • Infertility. This condition can affect either men or women. There are a number of reasons why it occurs and if they are addressed properly, pregnancy is much easier to achieve. For women, it’s important to determine the status of their reproductive system. The female adult body undergoes different processes that ensure proper ovulation and if one or two of them are hindered, there’s a strong likelihood for infertility. The same goes for men – production of healthy sperms determine fertility.
  • Diseases or injury to reproductive organs can render procreation difficult or at times impossible. It’s why it’s always recommended to seek medical help when planning a pregnancy.
  • Bad habits like smoking, drinking alcohol too much, and an unhealthy diet often cause the deterioration of fertility of any individual.

Pregnancy planner – ways to get pregnant

When couples feel they are ready to take on the responsibilities of parenthood, here are tips on the various ways to achieve pregnancy:

  • Everything begins with having a healthy body that is fit for pregnancy both for men and women alike.
  • Know the most fertile period for women and have intercourse during these days to ensure that the egg gets fertilized. While most females know their menstrual cycle, it also helps to consult doctors to make a pregnancy calendar.
  • Learn the best intercourse positions to effectively deposit male sperm in the cervix area. While it may sound weird to plan for such an intimate event, it definitely helps couples achieve pregnancy.
  • If natural methods are not possible, artificial insemination and in vitro fertilization are two options most couples having trouble getting pregnant undergo. It might not sound enticing but sometimes it’s the only possible way to enter parenthood.

There are also other alternative methods that can be included in a planner like the steps outlined in the book Pregnancy Miracle. It’s a comprehensive guide to reversing infertility using ancient Chinese techniques. It’s completely natural, safe, and it doesn’t cost a lot of money.

How to get pregnant quickly and faster

If you want to get pregnant now, then, it is much better to practice discipline through having a healthy lifestyle and by using fertility treatments. Natural treatments will increase your chances because it makes the body perform its functions better; that is the best way on how to get pregnant faster. Only natural alternatives to getting pregnant will bring about positive effects for the body.

It’s not easy getting pregnant, that’s why couples plan out ahead of time. As for the preparation in dealing with nature; Always monitor your own activity with the food you eat and the way of how you manage stress in different scenarios because stress also hinders pregnancy.

It’s still best to practice the doctors’ prescriptions about your problems in infertility and on how to get pregnant. One of the prescriptions may be the fertility charting, it is natural but you can’t always depend on it alone because our body is unpredictable especially when you have irregular menstrual cycle. It’s a fact that you cannot predict the cycle of the ovulation every month but it’s best to predict ovulation signs with the use of ovulation prediction kit.

You do not want to waste time, and even the opportunity on getting pregnant in the first place, don’t you? Since ovulation is unpredictable, do not wait at the ovulation to occur, instead, practice having intercourse 2-3 days before ovulation since the sperm lives up to 3-5 days, compared to the egg cell it only has 24 hours to live. When there is no luck in the first attempt, you will wait for another month.

The techniques mentioned previously are just some of many ways on how to get pregnant; still you can get many different ways from experts like doctors and for those who successfully delivered a baby. Just always remember that discipline comes within us and the willingness for a having a baby will make the situations a lot easier even if pregnancy preparation is a twisted road. Furthermore, getting pregnant is not actually “fast” the way it is being described; it requires patience and determination for couples. You must not pressure yourselves, too, since stress can also affect fertility in both parties. Enjoy as much as possible and when it doesn’t happen, there is always a next time.

To sum all the things to consider on how to get pregnant

  • Couples must anticipate the probable future problems that might occur
  • Couples must practice their selves to stabilized their emotions
  • Avoid illicit drugs as possible
  • Avoid focusing on pressures
  • The do’s and don’ts must be followed in terms of;
    • Food
    • Routine
    • Stress management
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