How to Get a Girl Pregnant with the Best Intercourse Positions

Get Pregnant Quickly and Naturally Within 2 Months

Aside from pleasure, one of the reasons why couples have intercourse is to get pregnant and have a child. But unfortunately it doesn’t always result to pregnancy. For many out there, conceiving might take some time and a lot of effort to do like finding out what the best position to get pregnant is.

Intercourse position and pregnancy

Normally, any kind of position during intercourse should lead to pregnancy if conditions are right. However, there are individuals that suffer disorders and deficiencies in the reproductive system that make it rather difficult for a sperm to reach an egg and fertilize. This can be remedied by doing the best position.

How can this help? Through proper positioning, a sperm is aided in its quest to pair with the egg after ejaculation from the male. Usually, there’s enough force coming from the male to propel sperm cells inside the female. But certain factors like weak sperm or blocked uterus require extra force which using the best position can bring.

Positions to get pregnant

Changing intercourse positions is said to add spice to a couple’s relationship but not many people know that it can also aid in getting pregnant. Here is a rundown of the list of positions that are ideal for baby making:

  • Man on top or the more famous missionary position. This is considered the most basic form of intercourse that’s programmed for all human beings. It’s also the best position because of the depth of penetration that allows sperm to reach the cervix.
  • Hip raise while in missionary position. If regular man on top position isn’t enough to push semen into the cervix, elevating the female’s hips can help boost sperm right into the area where the egg is waiting. This is done by placing a pillow behind the back of the woman.
  • Rear entry or man from behind position. This allows the male to give a more powerful thrust which can help propel semen much closer into the cervix. It’s also recommended that females bend down slightly while doing this to improve the chances of getting pregnant.
  • Side entry position. Lying side by side, couples can engage in intercourse that has a high chance of sperm getting deposited in the cervix.

Alternative Help to Getting Pregnant

It’s highly advisable for couples with pregnancy problems to consult a physician for proper diagnosis. It’s very important to establish the real cause of infertility before getting any kind of medication. But for individuals who don’t like going to doctors, the book Pregnancy Miracle can help them understand the best intercourse positions for getting pregnant. It’s a guide that’s based on ancient Chinese fertility practices. It’s the best alternative to expensive treatments and it’s also all natural so there’s no need to worry about side effects.

Get Pregnant Quickly and Naturally Within 2 Months

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