We live in a modern world where everything needs to be available in the shortest time possible. We need to get to work fast. We need to communicate with family and friends quickly. We need medication to cure ails instantly. This obsession with instantaneous results even reaches out to women who have problems getting pregnant and so they rely on fertility drugs to give them a quick and easy solution.

Get Pregnant Quickly and Naturally Within 2 Months

Are over the counter fertility drugs effective?

Fertility is a big concern for many women all over the world. While a big percentage of females still want to enter motherhood during the prime age to get pregnant, a significant increase in delayed pregnancies has been recorded in recent years. One major reason for this is the changing role of women in the society. Whereas in the past they were relegated to house chores, today their contributions are valued in almost if not all fields of industry.

As a result of this trend, there’s also an increase in usage of  this type of drugs to help these women achieve pregnancy. But the question many of them ask is does it really work? There have been many claims of successful pregnancies with the aid of these drugs for women like Clomid or Clomiphene Citrate which stimulate egg ovulation through production of LH and FSH hormones. Gonadotropin works in the same manner and is used as alternative to Clomid.

The effectiveness of these or any type of medication for that matter lies on what condition it treats and how it’s being used. For female infertility, it’s important to determine the real cause. If there is a lack of hormone like progesterone, an appropriate supplement or medication that helps increase its production should be used. On the other hand, physical defects in any reproductive organ cannot be cured by these types of fertility meds.

Are over the counter fertility drugs for women safe?

Traditionally, drugs and all kinds of medicinal concoctions should be used with the guidance of expert professionals like doctors and pharmacists. But since there are medical conditions that are easy to treat like ordinary cough and fever, it has been a practice to let people buy medications “over the counter” or without prescription from physicians. In this light, over the counter fertility treatment for women are generally considered safe. However, since the issue of pregnancy is such a delicate one especially for female health it is advised to carefully choose the kind of drugs to take to promote fertility.

Fertility meds are hot items especially for couples who are having a hard time getting pregnant. While there is no guarantee or assurance of positive results, using them has not been ruled out by experts which mean to some extent they are effective. The important thing to remember is to use them properly and with aid from doctors who know best when it comes to health.

Get Pregnant Quickly and Naturally Within 2 Months

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