How to conceive and have a baby boy

It is only natural for couples to have a preference, when it comes to their first baby. While some people believe that there is a 50/50 chance in the gender roulette game, there are factors that affect on how your babies gender will turn out. For those that prefer sons over daughters, there are a few things that you can do on how to conceive a boy on your first try.

Get Pregnant Quickly and Naturally Within 2 Months

It may surprise you, but conceiving a baby boy maybe a lot harder than getting a girl. It is believed that sperms that produce girls (X) are more resilient and lasts longer than the faster and smaller sperms that produce boys (Y). Once the race to reach the egg begins, the stronger and faster sperm will decide on which gender your baby will have.

Tips on how to conceive a baby Boy

  • Understanding your PH Levels
  • Use Charts/Ovulation Kits to time your Love Making
  • Sexual Positions
  • Underwear you wear

Understanding your PH levels may play a role on conceiving a boy naturally. When your PH levels are too high, the male sperm (Y) tends to die faster before they reach the egg due to the “high level of acidity”. To prevent this from happening, you should lower first your PH levels before making love, to increase the chances of the male sperm in reaching the egg first. Eat foods that are rich in sodium and potassium to help lower your ph levels.

Charting your ovulation period will help you time the right day for your love making and might help you. By doing this method, you will be able to help the male sperm to survive longer by choosing the days on which your acidity levels are not too high. It is only natural for the male sperm to reach the egg first, if it will be able to survive the journey.

Sexual positions also play a role. Experts believe that sexual positions that “penetrate” deeper, will greatly affect the possibility of conceiving a boy. Since the release of the sperm will be closer to the egg, it will shorten the distance travelled by the male sperm. When you think about it, this might actually be the easiest way.

Wearing tight underwear for men may affect the sperm count and prevent you to produce the right amount of sperm necessary for lovemaking. Heat can play a role in lowering the sperm count in the men’s reproductive organ and you have to bear in mind that the number of female sperm (X) is greater than the number of male sperms (X). Wear comfortable and cooler underwear, before love making for best results.

You can also try the “Pregnancy Miracle” guide on conceiving a boy naturally. It offers different pregnancy tips and ways to cure infertility. Following this popular holistic system will help answer your questions and guide you to the right steps to get pregnant naturally.

Having a preference for your baby is a good thing and making sure that they grow strong and healthy, should be every parent’s top priority. Following these tips on having a boy, will take you a step closer in creating the family of your dreams.

Get Pregnant Quickly and Naturally Within 2 Months

Trying to conceive? Read this x conception tips

You might be wondering what to do in the state of conception right? No doubt! Couples usually seem so skeptical when it comes to this. In fact, most of the couples today are trying to look for tips and tries to practice several methods for pregnancy. Below are the conception tips that couple usually do.

1.            Living the healthy life.

Knowing that there are different factors that block the way for pregnancy planning, for those couples who chose to live the life clean and healthy, they are more likely to survive the most common problem in planning for pregnancy. They are confident enough that their health, especially their hormones are stable and doesn’t seem to conflict with the process.

2.            Fertile? Infertile?

Always have time for your body, listen and always give the best thing to manage the needs of your body. Create a proper timing to get your best shot, always let it in into your mind and talk with your partner if he thinks he’s ready. This may be an advantage for those women who has the regular cycle. For a woman who has the irregular menstrual cycle, it’s better to consult a doctor and ask about the tips you must linger on to have a successful pregnancy.

3.            Avoid: anxiety, stress… yes to: relieve, relax

Our body is not that dynamic that it could do everything without rest and relaxation. Remember that our body is connected to our minds, whenever our body is tired then our mind feels the same feeling or vice-versa. Always keep it in balance, manage your problems in your environment, and don’t let them eat you. Once your mind is so consumed, your body reacts and tends to act tired too. Thus always give yourself a time for solemnity.

4.            If it’s not you, then who?

Men also suffer from infertility; in fact, mature men are trying some tips too, afraid that they may not bear a child someday. In a simple way that a man can contributes is to wear something that is not tight, not even the loose underwear. Extreme hotness can cause the sperms’ performance to weaken.

5.            Boost you up

As a part of healthy living, there are some experts that suggest us the right food to take to boost our hormones and even the stability of our body. Aside from recommended food, vitamins/supplements are a must to back-up the lacking nutrients needed for pregnancy.

Today, as a part of giving the people the tips to get pregnant, some vitamins are just unnecessary for us, so be vigilant and be careful of buying those supplements. Take notes of the terms that the doctor gave to you, once you started following his advice, make it accurate on what step to take the next time.

In this generation, we are influenced by different factors from the external that alters our desired actions which could lead to undesirable result and could compromise the health of our emotion and body. In addition, other than environmental factors, even our choices are stretched into a wide variety of aisles which makes us unable to decide on what to do, confusing, right? In your journey to getting pregnant, make use of the resources, always use educational devices that can help you in your research, and always make a starting point for you to start on, always discuss the information you gathered from the expert afterwards.

male infertility | fertility treatment

Contrary to popular belief, men also look forward to becoming a parent at some point in their lives. But no matter how bad they may want it, pregnancy is not easy to achieve for some guys. It’s because male infertility occur in about one third of couples who have problems getting pregnant. It’s a serious concern that must be addressed.

Infertility in men – what it is and what causes it to happen

Fertility is a big issue with men as it has always been linked to their virility and machismo. Unable to produce an offspring can really be a disturbing prospect for many of them. But infertility does occur and the best way to start a treatment is to face the facts.

First of all, infertility is the inability to conceive a child or become pregnant after trying for at least a year. This can affect either men or women or even both in some cases. Ancient beliefs have it that fertility issues are often centered on women but modern medicine has established that men can also be the reason for not getting pregnant and that they need to seek treatment when it happens.

There are several reasons for infertility of men. The most common is the presence of enlarged veins in the scrotum called a varicocele. When this occurs, the temperature inside the scrotum is raised above the normal range which effectively reduces sperm production. Inadequate sperm makes it impossible to have pregnancy.

Other factors that affect fertility in men include blockages in the reproductive system that hinders normal passage of sperm during intercourse. Vices like smoking and consuming too much alcohol can also reduce the number of sperm or their potency. There are also many types of diseases that can affect the male reproductive organs like mumps and infections. It’s why it’s always important to have guidance from a physician to accurately determine the cause for infertility.

Male infertility treatments available

There are several treatments available for infertility. For guys with low sperm count or have sperm motility problems, nutritional supplements like Proxeed are often recommended to improve sperm production and quality. For individuals who have varicocele, surgery can be done to remove it while for mild problems with semen quality, Clomiphene citrate or sugar pills are given to men.

For extreme cases of infertility, treatment often requires artificial insemination. However, it should be noted that good sperm quality is necessary to achieve success using this method. Still, there are many alternative forms of treatment that help reverse infertility. The book Pregnancy Miracle is an excellent source for information about ancient Chinese fertility secrets that many couples have tried to follow and have experienced success in getting pregnant.

Female infertility in women

One big source of frustration for women is having trouble getting pregnant. It’s because motherhood is considered by many as the ultimate achievement for a woman and so the pressure is on for adult females to conceive. Infertility in women is often pointed as a major reason why this happens and proper knowledge about this condition will help them overcome this hurdle easily and safely.

Causes of female infertility

For women who are having difficulty getting pregnant, you should not fret or panic. There are several reasons why it’s happening and with proper discussion with a doctor, you can be directed to a solution to your problem. But first, you should accept the reality that infertilitydoes occur.

Infertility can be a result of personal choice or circumstances beyond a woman’s control. The image of the modern female is a far cry from what society originally envisioned it to be. Contrary to what many people are used to seeing, women these days have more control over what they want to do and how to do it – including pregnancy and motherhood. Infertility occurs because some females feel they’re not yet ready for the challenges of becoming parents so they use contraceptives to avoid getting pregnant.

But a big percentage of infertility causes come from physiological disorders that some women experience in the course of their adulthood. Oftentimes this involves the process of ovulation which is essential to fertilization. Hormonal problems can cause women to stop producing viable eggs for mating. Blockages or damage in the fallopian tubes are also a common cause of infertility.

Endometriosis can also occur which results in scarring of tissues that grow outside the uterus when surgically removed. There’s also a condition called unexplained infertility where no clear cause can be established through several tests and examinations. It may sound scary but among cases of infertility, couples who have undetermined reason for infertility are more likely to conceive spontaneously.

How to achieve female fertility

Infertility can be turned around through proper diagnosis and careful treatment. For women who have reproductive disorders, it’s highly recommended to consult with physicians to determine the best way to correct the causes of infertility. Lifestyle changes are also in order for women who live stressful lives. Avoiding harmful habits like smoking and drinking alcohol is often enough to achieve fertility.

However, infertile women can also be treated with alternative methods. The book Pregnancy Miracle shares ancient fertility techniques used by the Chinese to get women pregnant. The methods used are natural and there are no risks involved for couples willing to try them. It focuses more on how to make the body ready for pregnancy and it’s a wonderful guide not just for couples who want to have a baby but to those who wish to be healthier as well.

Causes of infertility in women or male

Being unable to get pregnant is a major concern for many couples. It usually means infertility in either the man or the woman or worse even in both of them. But before panicking or giving up hope of becoming parents, individuals who experience this problem should first determine the causes of infertility with the help of physicians.

Signs of infertility

Infertility has no physical signs or manifestations. However, couples who have been trying to get pregnant for at least a year and still can’t conceive should consider consulting a doctor to determine any problems that might cause it. Early diagnosis is the key to correcting any disorders or conditions that might prevent couples from having a child.

Infertility causes

There are many reasons for infertility in both men and women. In general, bad habits like smoking, drinking alcohol, and living a stressful life are contributing factors that affect an individual’s fertility. Diseases that are not treated immediately can also cause complications that damage the reproductive organs.

The reasons of  infertility in women may range from mental, emotional, and physiological. It’s well documented that most modern women don’t prioritize motherhood and they suppress fertility through contraceptives. But the biggest concern for women who are having trouble getting pregnant is when they’re diagnosed with infertility caused by physical disorders.

Among the causes, physiological problems pose the greatest threat. While most disorders can be treated and corrected, early detection is very crucial. Women lose their effectiveness to procreate as they grow older and while pregnancy is possible even beyond the age of 40, it can be very difficult and dangerous for the mother and the child.

Men, on the other hand, have a longer shelf life when it comes to procreation unless of course they’re infertile. Unlike women, it’s easier to diagnose infertility in men since everything is dependent on sperm production. Sperm analysis can detect a low sperm count as well as its viability to fertilize female egg cells. Smoking and an unhealthy lifestyle can lead to reduction of sperm. Physical activities that have an impact on male reproductive organs like biking and horseback riding also contribute to infertility.

Treating infertility

Medical procedures are available to effectively cure infertility for as long it is properly diagnosed. Women should undergo regular check-ups especially when they’re getting past the ideal age of carrying a baby in their wombs.

There are also other forms of treatment like the one described in the book Pregnancy Miracle. The causes of infertility are thoroughly discussed and using ancient Chinese methods, they are effectively treated. Couples need not worry about side effects since all of the outlined solutions are natural and practical. All it takes really is some amount of time to fully read and understand the dynamics of pregnancy.

Most fertile days to get pregnant

Successful pregnancy is largely dependent on the most fertile days to get pregnant of women. Little or no knowledge of this fact is often the reason for unexpected pregnancies and difficulty in conceiving. Couples who feel they are ready to venture into parenthood need to understand more about women’s fertility and the ovulation process.

Fertile days – what happens when the timing is off?

Random intercourse between couples can either result in a surprise pregnancy or an unsuccessful attempt to conceive. Not knowing about the days when you're most fertile can be frustrating for those who desire to be parents. But for those who are ill prepared to handle such a big responsibility it can be a worrying prospect.

Knowing the best time to try to get pregnant is not only important to the success of conception but it’s also a good way to prepare a woman’s body for the changes she will undergo during pregnancy. It helps couples mentally and emotionally to anticipate a big change in their lives by knowing more about the days when you are most fertile.

How to determine the most fertile days for women

The menstrual cycle varies for every female but it usually happens between 23 to 35 days. This is the normal range where most women belong. Anything longer or shorter can mean abnormalities which can also affect the schedule of fertility.

There are two parts of the cycle – pre-ovulation and post ovulation that needs to be monitored to find out which days should be reserved for lovemaking. On the seventh day of the cycle, the egg or ovum is getting ready to be fertilized. During this time, the uterine lining is thickening in anticipation for the coming of the egg.

On the fourteenth day, the ovum is released and travels to the fallopian tubes where hopefully a sperm cell is lying in wait. Once the egg is fertilized it is implanted in the uterine lining which signals a successful conception and the subsequent pregnancy. To make things easier to grasp, around day 14 prior to menstruation is considered among the most fertile for women.

Getting help to ensure fertile days

Despite following this schedule, there are contributing factors that may affect women’s ovulation. Stress and unhealthy lifestyle is a primary concern. They can easily disrupt the normal body cycle. Physiological disorders in the reproductive system can also alter the menstrual flow which is why many women find it hard to get pregnant.

Seeking medical advice is the best way to prepare. Alternative methods are also outlined in the book Pregnancy Miracle. It’s a compilation of Chinese techniques used in ancient times to make women fertile and ready for motherhood.

Acupuncture infertility | fertility

Infertility in couples has been around since the beginning of time and continues to exist even up to this day. In fact, the modern world is seeing an increasing trend in this condition as more men and women put less emphasis on becoming parents and instead focus on career advancements. However, this problem is being solved in different ways and one of them is acupuncture infertility.

Infertility Causes

In order to accurately determine infertility, medical tests are needed to be done to any man or woman who suspects such condition. There are no physical manifestations or signs that can point to an inability to reproduce therefore it is an imperative for every couple to get tested.

Usually, lifelong habits of smoking, drinking alcohol, and working in a stressful environment are the main causes of infertility for both men and women. However, defects in the reproductive organs can also lead to infertility especially in women. Men, on the other hand, need to have enough supply of healthy sperm to their part in procreation.

Acupuncture infertility

When tests show a definitive result of infertility, couples can undergo treatment or medication to correct whatever the causes are. It could be a simple matter of changing habits like eating healthier food or losing weight. For couples who don’t like to take medication or artificial forms of treatment, acupuncture is a good natural alternative.

Acupuncture is an eastern practice of medicine that involves pricking needles into various pressure points in the body. These areas are considered responsible for certain illnesses and by using needles they can be corrected and cured. It focuses on enabling the body to become fully prepared to bear children. It’s a natural method that can be done together with other forms of treatment which means it’s perfectly safe for anyone willing to try it.

Infertility acupuncture – when to do it

Acupuncture is usually done in preparation for pregnancy. This means it’s done prior to any form of insemination. Couples having trouble getting pregnant through regular intercourse may consider in vitro fertilization or donor egg transfer. Acupuncture provides therapeutic effects to women which makes it easier for them to undergo these artificial forms of insemination.

Acupuncture for infertility – the risks

There is very little or no known risks involved for undergoing acupuncture. First timers may experience some period of adjustment wherein they may feel some discomfort with the acupuncture needles used. However, it should also be noted that this eastern form of medicine also follows the same practices as the traditional one – only acupuncturists who specialize in infertility problems should be allowed to do the procedure. If this is not observed, the risks of complications increase drastically.

Ivf success rates by age | over 40

When a woman reaches the age of forty or beyond, pregnancy becomes difficult to achieve and so she resorts to alternative methods like in vitro fertilization or IVF. While getting pregnant naturally is still possible, aided conception is safer and has a better chance of succeeding. For mature women who want to become mothers, knowing IVF success rates is an important factor that can help them make the decision.

What is In Vitro Fertilization?

It’s an artificial method of combining an egg and sperm outside of the human body using laboratory equipment such as test tubes or a Petri dish. This procedure is commonly recommended to couples who have trouble getting pregnant in a natural way. Despite being undergone mostly by mature couples, success in IVF remains higher in younger women.

Why couples decide to undergo in vitro fertilization or IVF

There are several factors that contribute to a couple’s decision to undergo in vitro fertilization. First and foremost is the inability to conceive through natural means or intercourse. Defects and disorders affecting either male or female reproductive organs can make it impossible for a sperm to fertilize an egg so it needs to be done in a controlled environment like a laboratory.

Another reason is the health and safety of women. Females may be diagnosed with weak uterus and so conceiving a baby becomes a high risk not only to the child but to mothers as well. Then there’s the age factor. There are couples who decide to have children late because of personal reasons. It’s why it’s important to note that success in IVF slowly comes down the older a woman decides to undergo the process while it increases for women who decide to do it earlier.

IVF success rates by age

For couples who want to get pregnant, in vitro fertilization may seem a bit extreme. However, previously mentioned factors can influence their decision especially for women who have issues with their reproductive organs. For individuals who experience this, knowing the following success in the procedure according to women’s age will definitely help:

  • For women below the age of 35, success rate is at its highest at 30-35% chance of conceiving.
  • At the age between 35-37 years old, there’s a listed 25% success rate.
  • Between the ages of 38-40 there’s a drastic drop to 15-20% chance of becoming a parent.
  • Over the age of 40 there’s a 6-10% success rate.

Getting pregnant over the age of 40 is the not most ideal condition for couples but it’s not impossible. Success rates of IVF over 40 reflect this assertion. With a little help from expert doctors and a healthy body, women still have a shot to become mothers even at 40 and beyond.

How Much Does In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) Costs

In vitro fertilization or IVF is not exactly new technology but many couples who have trouble getting pregnant are still reluctant to try it because they believe it’s expensive but with no guaranteed results. But before focusing on its cost, let’s discuss further about the process and why it’s considered an important alternative way to conceive a child.

What is IVF and why is it considered important for people who have trouble getting pregnant?

The normal process of getting pregnant involves the sperm fertilizing the egg to form an embryo inside the female’s body. However, there are couples who can’t achieve this because of disorders and deficiencies in their reproductive organs and so an alternative way is used. This is the in vitro fertilization method.

IVF is a simulation of the natural process of the union of egg and sperm but it’s done outside the body in a controlled environment like a laboratory using test tubes or Petri dishes. It’s a delicate procedure which is why many couples think that its cost is expensive.

It’s considered important for couples to know about IVF especially those with impaired capabilities to conceive using natural methods. In general, it’s done using sperm and egg from biological parents. But in cases of infertility, donor samples may be used.

Aside from difficulties in pregnancy, IVF is also done to eliminate deadly genetic disorders that may be passed on to the offspring. It’s why couples who exhibit gene abnormalities are advised to undergo this method rather than through natural means to avoid possible birth defects.

How much does IVF Costs and why is it priced that way?

The first time in vitro fertilization was developed, the process was very expensive. But with the development of new technology that made it easier to do, IVF cost was reduced over time. Currently, the price of undergoing such a procedure is between 10,000 to 15,000 dollars.

While it’s thought to be lower than in the past, the cost is still too high for many couples who need to do it to conceive. According to experts, artificial fertilization is not easy to achieve even with today’s technology. There are many things to consider especially the age and health of females who wish to get pregnant. It’s why a comprehensive discussion with physicians is necessary to help couples decide.

Natural Alternative to Get Pregnant

For couples who don’t want to spend money on IVF, there’s one alternative to getting pregnant. The Pregnancy Miracle book is an all natural study on techniques used by ancient Chinese to achieve fertility. It costs a lot cheaper and there’s no known side effects experienced by those who’ve tried it. But no matter what method is used, only one thing is certain – everybody wants to experience the joys of parenthood.

How to Get a Girl Pregnant with the Best Intercourse Positions

Aside from pleasure, one of the reasons why couples have intercourse is to get pregnant and have a child. But unfortunately it doesn’t always result to pregnancy. For many out there, conceiving might take some time and a lot of effort to do like finding out what the best position to get pregnant is.

Intercourse position and pregnancy

Normally, any kind of position during intercourse should lead to pregnancy if conditions are right. However, there are individuals that suffer disorders and deficiencies in the reproductive system that make it rather difficult for a sperm to reach an egg and fertilize. This can be remedied by doing the best position.

How can this help? Through proper positioning, a sperm is aided in its quest to pair with the egg after ejaculation from the male. Usually, there’s enough force coming from the male to propel sperm cells inside the female. But certain factors like weak sperm or blocked uterus require extra force which using the best position can bring.

Positions to get pregnant

Changing intercourse positions is said to add spice to a couple’s relationship but not many people know that it can also aid in getting pregnant. Here is a rundown of the list of positions that are ideal for baby making:

  • Man on top or the more famous missionary position. This is considered the most basic form of intercourse that’s programmed for all human beings. It’s also the best position because of the depth of penetration that allows sperm to reach the cervix.
  • Hip raise while in missionary position. If regular man on top position isn’t enough to push semen into the cervix, elevating the female’s hips can help boost sperm right into the area where the egg is waiting. This is done by placing a pillow behind the back of the woman.
  • Rear entry or man from behind position. This allows the male to give a more powerful thrust which can help propel semen much closer into the cervix. It’s also recommended that females bend down slightly while doing this to improve the chances of getting pregnant.
  • Side entry position. Lying side by side, couples can engage in intercourse that has a high chance of sperm getting deposited in the cervix.

Alternative Help to Getting Pregnant

It’s highly advisable for couples with pregnancy problems to consult a physician for proper diagnosis. It’s very important to establish the real cause of infertility before getting any kind of medication. But for individuals who don’t like going to doctors, the book Pregnancy Miracle can help them understand the best intercourse positions for getting pregnant. It’s a guide that’s based on ancient Chinese fertility practices. It’s the best alternative to expensive treatments and it’s also all natural so there’s no need to worry about side effects.

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